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FOC 009: The World Needs Your Home: Restoring Beauty and Wonder with Leila Lawler




It’s hard to choose a favorite episode, but this one just might be ours.   Listeners kept requesting a podcast with Leila Lawler and we thought it was a great idea. We can’t wait for you to get inspired by all the wisdom she has to share!


Affectionately called Auntie Leila by the readers of her blog, Like Mother, Like Daughter, Leila Lawler co-authored the beautiful book The Little Oratory published by Sophia Institute Press. This episode is going to be a life-saver for anyone who desires to center their home in prayer and especially for young moms. Get ready to hear some practical and beautiful steps to draw us into a daily liturgy!

Leila’s lovely book:

The Little Oratory

We chat about restoring wonder and beauty in our homes to draw our families close to God and how our family traditions should reflect our families and not someone else’s. We talk about how we don’t have to do every liturgical activity/tradition and we don’t have to do them as well as so-and-so from Pinterest does them.

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We also discussed dealing with toddler tantrums and whiners and how more sleep, more food covers a multitude of toddler maladies as Auntie Leila writes in this post about whining whiners and how to cure them.

Find Auntie Leila…

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FoC 001: This Podcast is Brought to You By Anne Shirley




Welcome to our first foray into podcasting!

We wanted to spend this episode sharing how we met and bonded online over Anne of Green Gable, how we started blogging, our shared Catholic faith, and a love of podcasts. We will also point out how vastly different the weather in Florida is from the weather in Canada and talk about marrying young. So grab a cup of coffee to spend a little time with friends.

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Stay tuned for next week’s episode: an in-depth and insightful conversation about sex and Catholic teaching with the great Jenny Uebbing of Mama Needs Coffee!