FoC 024: Behind the Scenes of the Women’s Magazine You’ve Always Dreamed of with Verily Magazine co-founder Janet Easter



We’re thrilled to welcome co-founder and style editor of Verily Magazine, Janet Easter to the podcast this week. We’re both huge fans of this groundbreaking women’s magazine that champions beautiful, real women with positivity and class.

Today Janet shares with us how her own personal conversion (or re-version) to the faith contributed to coming up with an idea for a women’s magazine. We also talk about how Verily stands out from the crowd of other women’s magazines by not using photoshop on their models, respectful discussion of relationships, and viewing the woman as a whole person. Then we chat a little bit about fashion and summer trends you might be adding to your wardrobe soon. This is a great listen, we know you’re going to love hearing from Janet!

Things we talked about today:

Verily Magazine

Janet’s recent article, Create Your Own Capsule Wardrobe with Just Sixteen Pieces

Janet’s top five spring and summer fashion tips: chambray shirts, striped shirts, midi skirts, florals, and one-piece swimsuit.

Questionable fashion trends: culottes and high-waisted jeans

Stitch Fix

You can read all Janet’s style articles here.

To connect with Verily:

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2 thoughts on “FoC 024: Behind the Scenes of the Women’s Magazine You’ve Always Dreamed of with Verily Magazine co-founder Janet Easter”

  1. Great podcast! Can anyone tell me, is there a version of Verily for young teens? My daughter is just about to turn 12, and I would love it if there were something like this for her age group.

    1. Since Verily has only been around about 18 months or so, they have not yet developed a magazine for teen girls. But hopefully with Verily in the marketplace it may signal that there is a need for quality teen magazines!

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