FoC 066: Love Multiplied — Four Times with Justina Kopp



After Haley met Justina Kopp at a recent gathering for Catholic bloggers, we knew we had to have her on the show for this episode airing just before Mother’s Day. Justina lives in Minnesota, blogs at Love Multiplied, and is a Catholic wife and mom to….wait for it….quadruplets!

In this episode Justina shares all about discovering she was pregnant with quads, her pregnancy, birth, and surviving her first six months as a mother to four sweet babies. We also discuss issues in maternal care, support for moms in stressful circumstances, and more. It was such a treat to talk to Justina and hear her absolutely crazy story!  So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Links to what we mentioned in today’s episode:

Sancta Nomina’s baby name consultation post for the quads

Justina’s book recommendation for moms of multiples:

When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads

Connect with Justina:


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