FoC 075: When a Saint Brings a Baby Back to Life: The Alleged Miracle of Venerable Fulton Sheen with Bonnie Engstrom


We love Bonnie Engstrom and she’s joined us on the podcast before to chat about liturgical living, but we’ve never devoted an episode to her amazing story of her son James and the alleged miracle that brought him back to life….until now! Despite being familiar with the Engstrom’s story and hearing it from Bonnie herself in the past, neither of us could make it through this episode without ugly crying. It is just so incredible and moving.

If you don’t already know the lovely Bonnie, she has seven beautiful children and she lives in the midwest with her husband Travis. She’s the voice behind the popular blog A Knotted Life and a writer for Blessed Is She.

In this episode Bonnie walks us through the events of her son’s stillbirth and his miraculous recovery after an hour post-birth with no pulse. We talk about the intercession of Ven. Fulton Sheen they believe is responsible for this miracle as well as the process of beatification and how James’ life and health contribute to the cause for Sheen’s canonization. This is an emotional story so definitely get the kleenex ready!

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Our last interview with Bonnie about Lent

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