FoC 111: Brave Enough to Give Up Control with Mary Lenaburg

The moment we met (in real life) today’s guest, Mary Lenaburg, hugs abounded. After following Mary and her beautiful story for years, we felt like she was already a dear friend. After you hear today’s episode, you’ll feel like you know her, too. She’s just that wonderful.

Mary is a speaker, author, wife, and mother of two. Her new book, Be Brave in the Scared, offers wisdom about giving God control over our lives as Mary shares the story of loving her daughter, Courtney, from birth, through medical nightmares, during years of caring for her special needs, and the holy beauty of finding joy and being drawn to Jesus through it all. With vulnerability about dark times in her marriage and her relationship with God, Mary sheds light on rejecting shame and accepting God’s grace and will for our lives. You can’t have a conversation with Mary and not laugh, cry, and feel encouraged and inspired to love more deeply and follow Jesus more closely.

In this episode we talk about the terror we feel over facing the fact that we’re not in control of our lives. Thankfully, God is in charge and not us, but it takes being pushed completely out of our comfort zones to accept this truth. We know you’ll love this conversation so grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

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Our first episode with Mary (and part II).

Mary’s brand new book:

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Be Brave in the Scared

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