FoC 078: Stranger Things and Parenting in the Upside Down

Do you love Stranger Things like we do? We hope so because that’s what we’re diving into with this episode! Today we’re interviewing Alexi Sargeant, theatre maker, game creator, fellow Stranger Things fan, and writer for such publications as First Things, The Weekly Standard, Commonweal, Aleteia, and more. He lives in New York City with his lovely wife (and fellow writer) Leah Libresco.

In this episode we discuss a piece by Alexi that we loved about what makes children vulnerable in the world of Stranger Things and what parents can learn from the series. How do we equip children to live in a world where danger is lurking? Is there hope for a generation of broken families? Is the Upside Down a symbol for the internet? Would we watch a Steve and Dustin spin off show? (Yes!) These and other deep questions are what we examine.

So get ready to for a conversation about TV, why Winona Ryder is GREAT, and why we should be engaged parents. Hope you enjoy it!

Links we talked about in this episode:

Alexi’s great piece for The Weekly Standard about Stranger Things

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