FoC 079: How to Fight Loneliness and Build Real Friendship with Rebecca Frech

One of the questions we get the most from listeners is “I’m really lonely and feel isolated. How do I build a community and find friends so I’m supported in my faith? ” Well, our friend a former guest on the show, Rebecca Frech is here to share all about doing the hard work of friendship. Rebecca has been researching for and writing a book on the problem of loneliness and how to build good community and she has some brilliant insights to share with us! Did you know that a human being can really only handle a certain number of relationships? Rebecca’s going to tell you what that number is and how to make the most of it.

If you’re not familiar with Rebecca, she is a fiery and fun writer and mom of eight living in Texas. Her new book Can We Be Friends? comes out May 22nd. You can also find her at The Catholic Conspiracy.

In this episode we discuss the pervasive problem of loneliness in our culture and how our connection to virtual life through social media is both a symptom and a contributor to this problem. Rebecca gives us some real talk about doing the work of finding friends (“go where the people are!”) and how to go about building up a real community. We know you’ll love this episode, so grab a cup of tea and listen in!

Books We Talked About in this Episode:

Can We Be Friends? by Rebecca Frech

(You can pre-order and it releases May 22nd!)

Connect with Rebecca:

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