FoC 005: Why Chastity is for Lovers with Arleen Spenceley




Today we are lucky to have journalist and author of the new book, , Arleen Spenceley on the podcast with us. Arleen has written a clear, yet thoughtful book, Chastity Is for Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin on what chastity means and how to live chastely as a single person.

We have a great discussion talking about the important differences between chastity and abstinence and why the two terms are not interchangeable, why chastity is for everyone not just single people, and what we can do to be thoughtful and considerate of our friends who happen to be single.

Arleen’s book, Chastity Is for Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin,
is a great read for anyone, but if you’ve got single Catholic friends they’ll love hearing such an articulate presentation of what it really means to live chastely.

Arleen’s blog can be found at, she’s also on Twitter, and Facebook.

(And a quick apology for the random crackling noise throughout this episode – it’s a mystery and I couldn’t figure out how to edit it out, but I promise to never let it happen again! – Christy)

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FoC 004: Advent Music Is A Thing with Colleen Nixon







We love Advent Music (and Christmas music, of course)! Today Catholic musician, mom, recording artist, and friend of Haley’s Colleen Nixon joins us to chat about what songs we all look forward to every Advent, the importance of good sacred music especially in the Liturgy of the Mass, and our favourite little ways of observing Advent in our homes. We hope this gets you in the spirit of Advent and preparing for the great feast of Christmas!

Colleen’s music can be found at her website She’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Marian Grace’s album In The Bleak Midwinter is the perfect album to have for your advent music mix, you can find it on iTunes!

We also mentioned Advent at Ephesus
by the Benedictines of Mary Queen of Heaven, Handel’s Messiah,  and Bach’s Christmas Oratorio,
which we really recommend for great sacred Advent music.

We’ve written about what we love about Advent in the past as well. Christy has these posts: The Beauty of Advent Music and The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Advent. Haley has an Advent playlist here, as well as another post on Advent music here, and a roundup on celebrating all things Advent.

As a surprise bonus, here’s Christy’s instagram of the moose outside her Canadian window:



But wait — there’s even more great stuff this week:

Also, just in time for Advent – Haley’s new book, More Feasts! With 10 new, gluten free recipes inspired by liturgical feast days from the year, this new ebook is a easy way to celebrate the liturgical calendar while eating great food. There are also excellent spiritual reflections and ideas on how to celebrate from Haley and Daniel. To get yours for only $3.99 head on over to Carrots. (Haley’s first ebook is also on sale for just $4.99 for Advent, so these are a smoking deal!)

Both Colleen and Haley are excited to be giving away, to one lucky winner, a copy of In The Bleak Midwinter and both of Haley’s books, Feast! and More Feasts!,  just  rafflecopter to win.

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FoC 003: TV Shows About Dresses: Our Guide To Every Obscure BBC Miniseries Ever Made




In today’s episode we venture into a dearly beloved topic for us both: the British costume drama. We love em — if BBC has made it, we’ve watched it. We may get a little carried away and talk about it for about an hour, but we leave no stone-with-an-accent unturned and we hope this will give you great watching for all those late night nursing sessions, sick days, nights up late with sick babies, or laundry folding marathons. If we’ve missed any we’re dying to know of more!

The Paradise: Season 1

Mr. Selfridge

Lark Rise to Candleford


North and South

Wives & Daughters

Foyle’s War

Downton Abbey Seasons 1, 2, 3, & 4

The Forsyte Saga

Daniel Deronda

He Knew He Was Right

The Way We Live Now

The Buccaneers


Berkeley Square – The Complete Series

Anne of Green Gables

Anne Of Green Gables – The Sequel

Road to Avonlea

All Creatures Great & Small


Brideshead Revisited

A Christmas Carol

Bleak House

Little Dorrit

Our Mutual Friend

The Bletchley Circle

Death Comes to Pemberley

Wuthering Heights – with Tom Hardy

Wuthering Heights – with Ralph Fiennes

Wuthering Heights (2011)

Jane Eyre (2012)

Jane Eyre – with Timothy Dalton

Jane Eyre – with Toby Stephens

Pride & Prejudice – the good one!

Pride & Prejudice – boo, the Kiera Knightley version.

Sense & Sensibility – near perfection Emma Thompson version

Sense & Sensibility – version with the awful Governor from The Walking Dead

Emma – with Gwyneth and the amazing Toni Collette

Emma (2009 BBC Version)

Northanger Abbey

And last but not least, both regrettable versions of Mansfield Park and Mansfield Park.

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How To Subscribe to Podcasts


Some of you have been asking what the easiest way to listen to our podcast is, and what the best way to know when a new episode has been released – so here I am with all the answers, or at least my very non-technical answers!

Firstly, you can always listen to the podcast right here on the website. If you subscribe to Fountains of through Feedly or Bloglovin you’ll get all our posts complete with new episodes. Or sign up to get emails of all our posts by entering your email address in the box on the left sidebar.

The next easiest route to listen to podcasts is on your phone or devices with a good podcast player app. I have been using the Apple Podcast app forever. With all apps the podcasts you subscribe to will automatically be updated on your device as soon as they become available, then you can also choose notifications to remind you as well.

Here’s how downloading the Apple podcasting app works:

First search “podcast app” in the App Store:


Once you download the app use the search option to find the podcast you’re looking for, then click on the image of the podcast:




Now you can just click the purple subscribe button to subscribe to the podcast:


And here’s what it looks like in your “My Podcasts” menu:



I’ve also heard many people love these other podcast playing apps, Overcast and PodCruncher. They’ll all work much the same as the Apple version.


IMG_7008 IMG_7007



If you’re looking for an app that works great on Android devices Stitcher is very popular:






Lastly, Apple makes it a bit confusing to subscribe to podcasts on your computer’s iTunes. Here’s a step-by-step in how to click to your favourite podcasts and listen to them anytime on your computer (you can click the images to enlarge):














Hope that helps you out if the whole podcasting thing seems confusing. I love subscribing to podcasts and having great things at the ready to listen to when I’m driving, doing some dishes, or folding laundry. With these great ways to listen you’ll also never miss an episode!