FoC 012: Embracing Your Mothering Style with Kathy Helgemo




We are chatting motherhood and finding your parenting style today with Kathy Helgemo, author, blogger, wife, mom, and Catholic convert.

We loved Kathy’s book she co-authored with Melinda Means: Mothering from Scratch: Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family and asked her to share all about how she was inspired to write the book. She has so much wisdom to share, including the one thing you will never regret doing as a mother.

In this episode we discuss how as moms we expect to be able to do it all (but can’t) and how to ask for help and find mentors to encourage us in our vocation as mothers.

Moms Together is the Facebook mentoring community started by Kathy and her writing partner Melinda.

We also mention the idea of productivity and efficiency being words that simply don’t mesh with mothering small children which reminded us of Haley’s post about that:

I’m a Mother, Not the CEO of My Household

You can find Kathy:

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2 thoughts on “FoC 012: Embracing Your Mothering Style with Kathy Helgemo”

  1. Haley and Christy –

    I can’t recall how I first stumbled upon your podcast but I am a fan! I remember you from Edel last year and check in on your blogs now and then but your podcast fits into my schedule better. Listening rather than reading helps me keep away from that time sucking black hole called the internet…that is until I go to the show notes to learn more!!

    I wanted to comment on a comparison Kathy Helgemo made between our parenting perspective and google maps. I loved it! It has definately been my experience that taking time to “zoom out” my perspective before I react to any frustrating, frightening or serious parenting moment – or life moment for that matter – helps me remember the real goal of life and respond accordingly. I am the mother of a large family ages 32 – 12 and I often hear from friends and acquaintances comments like: “You are always so calm and peaceful” “You never get upset”. While my kids could gleefully offer evidence to the contrary, for the most part I guess it is true. My hope and confidence, fueled by my faith and trust in God keeps the big picture before me; To know, love and serve God. To be happy with Him in this life and in the next.

    Like my husband and I, our kids are on their own journey with and to God. I try and resist seeing them as little trophies to be molded into our image and likeness then presented to God. We have the privilege of parenting them in this life but ultimately we are walking beside them as brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Thank you both for following your inspiration to podcast. I wanted to let you know this Ohio mom is listening in and enjoying the conversation. Now I need to go and order Kathy’s book for my daughter’s birthday, and then Heather’s beautiful print of one of my patrons, St. Clare…then check my local library for This House Of Brede and Kristen Lavransdatter….

    1. Thank you so much, Mary Ann! That is so nice to hear, we so appreciate it!

      It’s really inspiring to hear from experienced moms because it gives our sometimes very focused perspective as moms of young kids more insight and thus gives us a lot more peace. Thank you again for listening!

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