FoC 020: The Art of Making Do with Molly Walter



Today we’re talking to our great friend, Molly Walter: wife, mom, blogger, and maker of beautiful things. We discuss Molly’s inspiring attitude and approach to life as a mom who works outside the home, as well as how she and her husband decide how to make family life their first priority. We also touch on how she juggles keeping up her household, making her marriage a priority, as well as friendships and keeping up her hobbies and passions as a mom. So many great things get talked about in this episode, you’re going to find it a refreshing and relatable listen!

Some of Molly’s posts that talk about these topics:

All Laid Out: A Cross Section of an Employed Mother

The Motto of the Working Mother

The Sacrifice Myth

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Work

You can find Molly:


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