FoC 034: Old Houses, Homesteads, and Having 100 Kids with Cari Donaldson


We’ve been looking forward to chatting with author, blogger, and podcaster Cari Donaldson for ages! And it was even more fun than we imagined.

We asked Cari all about her family’s recent move from suburbia to an old house with plenty of land and what life is like on their new-to-them homestead. There was also some fangirling about a few of our favorite TV shows: the respectable and the embarrassing. And we finished things out by chatting about the challenges of raising large families. Cari is awesome and we know you’re gonna enjoy all she has to share!

Mentioned in this episode:

Cari’s homestead (first floor house tour and garden tour)

The Walking Dead (read Cari’s recaps here)


True Detective


Cari’s book:

pope awesome

Pope Awesome and Other Stories


To connect with Cari:

Come hang out with us!

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3 thoughts on “FoC 034: Old Houses, Homesteads, and Having 100 Kids with Cari Donaldson”

  1. I’ve been meaning to listen to you guys’ podcasts for awhile now and I was not disappointed! You ladies are hilarious…perfect descriptions of Catholic mom life and being open to life in today’s culture! Definitely will be listening again 🙂

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