FoC 037: Let’s Talk About Catholic Baby Names with Kate Towne



Who doesn’t love talking baby names?

We both love talking baby names and today we have the Catholic baby naming expert Kate Towne of Sancta Nomina with us to indulge in the whys and hows of baby names from a Catholic perspective.

We discuss the value of the Catholic tradition of naming our children, Kate gives both Haley and Christy a name consultation based on their children’s names, and we chat a little about Catholic hipster names and trying to get our husbands to go along with our name loves. It’s a fun episode that’s sure to get your mind spinning up new names for all your possible future children.

Kate’s page of ideas for Christy and Haley


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Sancta Nomina

The Baby Name Wizard

Behind The Name


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5 thoughts on “FoC 037: Let’s Talk About Catholic Baby Names with Kate Towne”

  1. It’s funny that you mentioned the names Margaret and Greta. I’m about to have baby #3, my first girl, and we are thinking about giving her the middle name Margaret. It would be after my name, Greta, and my patron saint, St. Margaret of Antioch.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a fun episode!! I can’t wait to share this with my sister- until now I thought her obsession with names was strange, and then I heard Kate describe her love of names and I realized its a THING. I did not expect to hear you discuss Flannery haha! My oldest daughter is Flannery Ellen (after Flannery O’Connor and one of my sisters). My second is Harper Edel (Harper Lee and Edel Quinn), but we pronounce Edel like it rhymes with pedal. So excited to have you guys back in action- my laundry was suffering immensely without your podcasts, nothing gets folded unless you are chatting in the background!

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