FoC 040: How Small Can We Go And Other Questions Answered




Our first Q&A episode was a blast so we thought we’d ask listeners for more great questions so we could do a whole new Q&A in the new year. We couldn’t get to all the questions, but we enjoyed answering the ones we could!

In this episode we cover living in small spaces with lots of kids and how we deal with storage. We also discussed the big question of to save or not to save kids clothes and we dived into our daily routines and how they help us keep our sanity. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and a pile of laundry and enjoy!

Things we discussed in this episode:

Christy’s post about great games for little people.

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7 thoughts on “FoC 040: How Small Can We Go And Other Questions Answered”

  1. Haley, you mentioned in the podcast reading the book “Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons” to your four year old. I think I’ve read before that you taught your son with the same book as well. I just finished reading that book with my daughter and I’d love to hear what you followed it up with when your son finished. Right now we are reading through McGuffy readers till I find something. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    1. Once we finished Easy Lessons he really took off with reading anything, we didn’t make it part of “school.” He’s really motivated, so I didn’t want to mess up the self-motivation! He’s especially enjoyed reading The Hobbit and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books. Right now he’s almost halfway through the third Harry Potter book. And he’s really into non-fiction books about animals. Not sure if that will help!

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