FoC 047: Behind the Unspoken Wall of Anxiety with Katie Sciba



Katie Sciba is a mom of four and the voice behind She and her husband Andrew live in Louisiana and since Haley’s in nearby Texas, she actually got to meet Katie at a blogging weekend this Spring! Katie is also a a three-time Catholic Press Award-winning columnist for her diocesan magazine: Shreveport’s Catholic Connection as well as a speaker.

We knew we wanted to have Katie on the podcast after reading a brave and wonderful post she wrote recently on struggling with anxiety. Since Christy and I and most of the women we know have struggled with anxiety at some point in their lives, we really wanted to dive deep into this rarely discussed topic and talk about how women can heal and find support.

In this episode we asked Katie to share a bit of her story about facing anxiety and depression and then we pondered why this is such a common problem for women in our culture. We also covered some ideas for healing and how to get help and support when you feel like you’re drowning in anxiety. We hope that this episode will shed light on the unspoken suffering that comes with mental illness and encourage women to support each other, offer themselves some grace in the trenches, and seek help when they need it.

It’s a great episode, so grab some coffee and listen in!

Links for this episode:

Katie’s The Blog Post About Anxiety

Haley’s Unrealistic Expectations, Anxiety Attacks, and Rediscovering the Joy of Motherhood

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3 thoughts on “FoC 047: Behind the Unspoken Wall of Anxiety with Katie Sciba”

  1. Beautiful podcast, ladies. This is such a difficult topic to discuss and you did so with grace and frankness. The part where your guest mentions that she got messages from moms saying things like “I had an incident in the kitchen” and “I almost committed suicide in the shower” really resonated with me. My entire parenthood experience has been devoid of joy and I felt horrible guilt for not enjoying even a moment with my kids and not even liking them. I did not realize that this is really unhealthy and it was a form of anxiety and rage. It is only by the grace of frequent reception of the sacraments that I did not hurt one of my children. My rage was bottled up inside of me and I was constantly angry. Through spiritual direction and a change in diet I have regained my mental health. I didn’t realize that being a mom could be an enjoyable experience and that I could actually like my kids. It is so clear to me that this was post partum depression and pregnancy induced depression. I always thought depression looked like a person just feeling sad and down. I didn’t realize that this was another manifestation of depression. Bonnie Engstrom’s post about this was very eye opening to me. God bless you gals.

    1. I am so glad to hear you’re feeling better and finding healing. What you’ve been through sounds so hard. I hope this episode sheds a light on this suffering and encourages other women to find help and support!

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