FoC 058: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom Jeans with Blythe Fike


Blythe Fike has been on our list of folks we’d love to interview for ages! She’s basically one of our favorite people and as Haley discovered when hanging out with Blythe in real life, she’s a top notch storyteller. As in, you’ll be laughing so hard you’re crying kind of storyteller. We’re so thrilled that she was able to join us on the podcast this week!

Blythe is a blogger at The Fike Life, wife to Kirby, and mom to seven kids. She lives in sunny LA in a fantastic mid-century home. Blythe has a great conversion story and is full of love for her Catholic faith. She’s also the person everyone should be following on SnapChat and Instagram.

In this episode Blythe shares about converting to Catholicism after growing up in the Baptist church as a pastor’s kid. It’s a great story! We covered some pretty deep theology, but we also covered some light and hilarious topics. We were crying with mirth at her stories about her former life in a early 2000’s pop group. Blythe is such a joyful person that it can’t help but rub off on you!  So if you’re ready to laugh, grab your cup of coffee and enjoy.

Links for this episode:

The YouTube video about Catholicism featuring Blythe and her family by SoulPancake

Blythe’s brother’s band: The Head and the Heart

Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire Ministries

Scott Hahn’s books

How to connect with Blythe:

Come hang out with us!

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8 thoughts on “FoC 058: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom Jeans with Blythe Fike”

  1. Umm … this what the best podcast I’ve ever listened too. I don’t know, if this makes me a sad mom that needs to get out of the house more often.. but I tuned out my kids and cooked chili and laughed my ass off. So funny. If I ever make a million dollars, I will fund your sister of the traveling mom pants show!

  2. Ok, I loved this one! My husband and I got engaged after 6 months, and then wanted to get married right away and everyone was like, woah, why are you in such a rush? We were both graduated from college, we just knew we wanted to get married! I laughed out loud when Blythe talked about just being practical about marriage because our response was always, “Well why wouldn’t we?”, because we just wanted to get married, and the faces we got were crazy! Loved this whole podcast, so great! Thanks ladies!!

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