FoC 060: Transformation and Hope Through Adoption with Shannon Evans


We’re delighted to have with us Shannon Evans of the blog, We, A Great Parade. We have a wonderful conversation today with Shannon as she shares with us her family’s story of international adoption and how her son has transformed not only her faith but how she sees the world.

Shannon speaks with passion and honesty when it comes to both the joys and challenges of adoption, and in turn, how all of us can contribute to a society that supports life and those who suffer in our own communities.

We are so happy to have such an inspiring but also practical conversation on these very important topics, we hope that it’s an episode full of food for thought.

Links to what we mentioned in today’s episode:

Holly Fish

The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

FoC 060: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom Jeans with Blythe Fike

Safe Families

Young Lives

Adoption from Foster Care (US)

Shannan Martin

Connect with Shannon:

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6 thoughts on “FoC 060: Transformation and Hope Through Adoption with Shannon Evans”

  1. The discussion on suffering in here was interesting to me. Particularly about how suffering can be used to for others. Any reading recommendations for understanding this better?

    1. That’s a really great question Piper and I would refer you to St. Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter Salvifici Dolores found here:

      Also, the writings of St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) is really the living embodiment of what this teaching is all about. Just reading her words gives you a sense of what redemptive suffering means. There’s also the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux including her autobiography The Story of a Soul or this book called I Believe in Love

      Also; this post might be helpful in the nitty gritty of the theological aspect of redemptive suffering,

      Let us know if there are any other questions we can try and help you answer!

  2. Keep up the good work on the podcast! Another resource Shannon mentioned to include in the links: Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. Such an invaluable resource that too few people know about. It is our job as lay people to live out the faith in every sector of society. This book is so helpful in outlining fundamentals of human dignity and applications and considerations across social contexts. It really lays out how the teaching of the Church transcends the current political divides.

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