FoC 062: The Saints, Time Travel, and Pursuing Our Passions with Lisa Hendey


We are so thrilled to have the wonderful Lisa Hendey, founder of with us for this episode! Lisa is the bestselling author of the Chime Travelers children’s fiction seriesThe Grace of YesThe Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. Her work is all over the Catholic internet! She currently lives in Los Angeles with her family and we’re jealous that she lives in Bishop Barron’s diocese.

In this episode we talked about spiritually guiding our kids during those sweet sacramental years when they receive First Holy Communion and nurturing the ownership they begin to have in their faith as older children. We love that Lisa’s Chime Traveler fictional series about time traveling into the lives of the saints is written for that age range because there’s not enough good stuff for kids between the picture book stage and the middle school stage! Introducing our kids to the stories of the saints is such a great way to help them get engaged with their faith.

It’s been a few episodes since we got deep into “mom stuff” so we took the opportunity to ask for Lisa’s wisdom on loving our kids, keeping our own dreams alive, and modeling faith for our kids.

We know you’ll be inspired by all that Lisa has to share so grab a pile of laundry and a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Links to what we mentioned in today’s episode:

Catholic Mom

Chime Traveler’s series at Amazon


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3 thoughts on “FoC 062: The Saints, Time Travel, and Pursuing Our Passions with Lisa Hendey”

  1. So glad you guys have the show notes.. When I was listening I thought it was the Time Travelers Series. But it’s Chimes Travelers and I am ordering them right now!

    1. I’m also grateful to hear that Lisa likes Unbound. I found the organization ( think it was called something else when we started sponsoring) and read about it thought it looked good, but hoped it was a ethical and good organization! And I am so glad that other Catholic Moms like approve of them too.

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