FoC 001: This Podcast is Brought to You By Anne Shirley




Welcome to our first foray into podcasting!

We wanted to spend this episode sharing how we met and bonded online over Anne of Green Gable, how we started blogging, our shared Catholic faith, and a love of podcasts. We will also point out how vastly different the weather in Florida is from the weather in Canada and talk about marrying young. So grab a cup of coffee to spend a little time with friends.

Our Blogs (just in case you didn’t already know):

Carrots For Michaelmas (Haley’s post “10 Books You Must Read To Your Daughter”)

Fountains of Home



The Art of Simple

Sorta Crunchy

Molly Makes Do

The Motherhood and Jane Austen Book Club by Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home



Northanger Abbey

Anne of Green Gables


Podcasts we love:

A Good Story Is Hard To Find

How They Blog Podcast

The Inspired to Action Podcast

In Our Time

Read-Aloud Revival

This Inspired Life

The Art of Simple Podcast 


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Stay tuned for next week’s episode: an in-depth and insightful conversation about sex and Catholic teaching with the great Jenny Uebbing of Mama Needs Coffee!




13 thoughts on “FoC 001: This Podcast is Brought to You By Anne Shirley”

  1. I loved it! So excited to listen regularly!

    Haley, my favourite thing about your blog is that your photos aren’t perfect: I feel at home there and not like I’m somewhere so perfect that I can’t touch anything! 🙂

    Christy, after hearing your education history I imagine we have many common friends/acquaintances ! That and I’m in Canada too, so of course we know the same people. 😉

    When you want to visit Prince Edward Island, you’ve got a place to stay in New Brunswick! 🙂

  2. this is so great, I can’t wait till the next episode! Quick suggestion, I love listening to Great Courses lectures and there are a couple on Shakespeare, might want to check your library for them they also make great housework listening haha

  3. Thank you for this podcast! It felt like talking on the phone with a good friend! Christie, my question is for you. You mentioned that you got married after two years of college and didn’t finish. I spent six years and six figures on a lot of college and now I don’t use my degrees since I am a mom to lots of littles and my family size means I will probably never have a career outside the home. Sometimes I wonder if all that debt was really worth it and I regret that time and money spent. So when I heard your point of view of foregoing more school once you got married, I wonder do you ever regret not finishing? Am I just having a case of doubting my choices? Is this just normal or do you think it is a better path for women who know that family life is going to be their vocation?

    1. Thanks so much for listening Leslie! To be honest I don’t have major regrets per say, or at least not yet. I might after my kids are grown, or I might go back to school and finish after my children are grown — who knows. But I do appreciate the education I do have very much and I don’t feel that any education is wasted even if we “just” stay home with our kids. We don’t know how God may use our education in the future or what he has in store for us either, and that’s an awesome thing to think about. But that being said, crippling debt is something that is quite unjust in our society. A good education shouldn’t rob you of a future so I understand you feeling badly accumulating debt, but I would never say that women shouldn’t pursue higher education, I might just say that we need to be more conscientious about the name of the school and is that particular name worth so much money? In Canada we don’t have the same problem with colleges being crazy expensive or the prestige that goes along with them, so we’re much more balanced. I guess I’m just trying to say, please don’t regret your education and keep going forward knowing that God will use it/but debt sucks.

  4. Loved it! And can’t wait to hear Jenny in Episode 2!

    This might be weird, but I’m going to say it anyway. Christy’s voice is so musical! Christy’s voice is like a song, and Haley’s is like a hug (warm and cozy). And that makes this podcast a delight to hear, no matter what you guys talk about.

    (I guess I just pay close attention to sounds? I feel like this comment is super creepy, but I mean it as a compliment and I promise not to come stalk either of you, so hopefully you’ll take it in the spirit it is intended!)

  5. I love your podcast. I’m nerding out today as I’m working and listening from the beginning. It is cool to learn about how you both started blogging and to just see how much you have accomplished in three years with this podcast.

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