FoC 016: The Soul’s Journey of Faith in Gilead and In This House of Brede




Today we’re swapping more of our favourite books and discussing them together. This time we picked two books the other hadn’t yet read that were focused on the life of faith: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson and In This House of Brede by Rumer Gooden. Both books are beautiful examples of authentic, living faith and were rewarding to read and talk about.



We also talked about these other novels written by these two great authors:

Home by Marilynne Robinson


Lila by Marilynne Robinson.


Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy by Rumer Godden.


Kingfishers Catch Fire by Rumer Godden. (This is the title Christy completely forgot – but it’s actually a pretty unforgettable story!)

Have you read these books? Did they touch your heart as well? We’d love to hear what you thought of them or any of the other books written by these great writers!


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8 thoughts on “FoC 016: The Soul’s Journey of Faith in Gilead and In This House of Brede”

  1. Oh, the world of Rumor Godden that’s out there for you to discover! If all you’ve read are the three you mentioned you’re in for a huge treat. In This House of Brede and Five for Sorrow are truly amazing, but Kingfishers Catch Fire is at the bottom of my list — I actually haven’t ever made it to the end. But there’s so many others! The Battle of the Villa Fiorita is a beautiful lesson on marriage, and the Kitchen Madonna is a lovely story about a little boy making an icon. Peacock Summer is fascinating and tragic, and she even has a great Christmas story for children, Holly and Ivy. All of her writing is very cinematic — she had movies made of two of her early books, and there’s a BBC miniseries of In this House of Brede. And I think someone needs to make the Battle of the Villa Fiorita a movie! Oh, enjoy enjoy enjoy.

    1. Thanks Rose! I’m looking forward to reading more Godden. I still think that Kingfishers Catch Fire is a worthwhile read, and is a quirky story that stays with me, I enjoyed it a lot. I haven’t watched any of the tv adaptations or movies because I’ve heard mixed reviews, but one day I will!

  2. I just finished listening to this episode (one of the saddest parts about living where we do in the country is our woeful lack of Internet, so we have to use data…hence, downloading episodes only when I’m somewhere with wifi. Upside is that you all are ahead of me, and I have something to look forward to as I ration data!). I truly hope you DON’T EVER WORRY about if you’ve talked too long. I’m always sad when an episode ends.

    Reading “In This House of Brede” now, and am already in love. You all have the bestest book talks. As much as I LOVE the other episodes, these are always my fave.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Aw yay! Thanks, Pam. We usually don’t have as many downloads on our book episodes so it’s hard to tell if people like them or not. We certainly enjoy doing them!

  3. Just had time to listen to this episode yesterday, and it’s convinced me to request “Brede” from the library. I’d never even heard of it/Godden before.
    Coincidentally, I finished “Gilead” about a month ago. It was so great to feel like I fiiiiiinally had someone to “talk” to about the book — even though I was just listening to you two talk about it! I picked up “Gaudy Night” after your previous book exchange episode, and I also loved the show where you chatted a bit about “Kristin”; that’s another book I die to discuss with someone every time I read it.
    Any-hoo … long way of saying, your book episodes are always appreciated by this fan. Thanks, ladies!

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