FoC 022: Holding on to Our Lady with Michele Chronister



Today we’re talking to the lovely Michele Chronister: mom, blogger, and editor of the new book Rosaries Aren’t Just For Teething: Reflections on Mary by Mothers. We both contributed chapters to this book exploring the mysteries of the rosaries from the perspective of motherhood, and we are so excited that it’s been released!

We thought it was perfect to begin the month of May with it’s special focus on Mary discussing how the rosary is an important spiritual tool especially in difficult times. We talk about how the rosary becomes even more impactful after we become mothers, and how in becoming mothers we gain more insight into Mary’s journey with Christ. We also talk a bit about redemptive suffering and Haley and Michele’s struggle with hyperemesis during pregnancy.

We think you’re going to enjoy this conversation exploring the spirituality of Our Lady just in time for Mother’s Day.

Things we talked about today:

Rosaries Aren’t Just For Teething: Reflections on Mary by Mothers

rosaries aren't just for teething
Enter to win a digital copy on Christy’s blog, Haley’s blog, and Michele’s blog.

Michele’s post on Keeping Your Brain Active (as a Mom)

The Rosary: Keeping Company With Jesus and Mary by Karen Edmisten

Michele’s post For all those hyperemesis moms out there…


Michele’s other books:

Faith Beginnings: Family Nurturing From Birth Through Preschool, co-authored with Amy Garro

Handbook for Adaptive Catechesis: Serving Those with Special Needs

To connect with Michele:

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10 thoughts on “FoC 022: Holding on to Our Lady with Michele Chronister”

  1. Oh man. I started listening to this because reading increases my nausea and I’m really really trying to avoid an ER visit this pregnancy. Thank you for talking about HG! It is SO awful and definitely isolating. My first pregnancy, the vomiting really spun out of control in part because everyone commiserated and gave advice about ginger, etc, so I didn’t realize what I had was different until it meant an ER visit. Luckily Zofran worked for me, but no zofran anymore because of the new study…:/ so I’m just hanging out in my pjs trying to keep it under control (you know, 5 times or less a day…) while my one year old destroys the house. So thanks for the encouragement!!

    1. I am soooo sorry you have HG! Have you tried the new HG med, deglesis? Very safe and tested and all that. It’s all that works for me in pregnancy!

      1. Thanks for the tip! The midwife has me on the component parts of it and I can’t tell a difference at all. She did say that zofran is ok post-first trimester, though!!

  2. Christy, just loved so many of your remarks. I always enjoy what you have to say! Your children are blessed to have such an astute and faithful woman as their teacher. Everyone was spot-on in this podcast. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Should I admit that when I heard you describing how serious and debilitating your HG is, Haley, that I almost immediately realized that you probably wouldn’t even be able to do podcasts?! Obviously we need to ask Our Lady that the next time you are blessed with a baby on the way, you will be healthy and free from all the struggle of past pregnancies. It’s for the good of the Catholic community. 😉

    Seriously, thanks for a great show, both of you, and for your willingness to be open about the hard spots of your lives.

  4. Thanks for the great show, and I definitely have the book on my Kindle ready for an upcoming trip!

    I appreciate you being open to talking about HG. I really had no idea that it would get so bad for some people and like everything, increasing awareness helps. I also thank you for the fact that one of you mentioned some days you offer your suffering for sisters struggling with infertility. I suffer from secondary infertility, 95 weeks of pregnancy with one healthy child. My last pregnancy earlier this year was a 36 week stillbirth. God does grant me easy first trimesters with no sickness, but gestational diabetes later and often end with terrible grief. If I am lucky to be pregnant again ever, I know it will be filled with anxiety and I will try to remember to offer some of my anxiety for those of you who suffer physical illness while pregnant. Thanks for sharing your stories so we can remember to all be in this together and all with Mary and Jesus on the cross as well.

    1. Betsy, thank you so much for sharing your experience. We are so sorry for your loss, that must be unimaginably difficult for you. What a testament to openness to life and the power of motherly love you are to all of us. You’re right in saying we really do share these sufferings together, not only as women but as members of the universal Church. Our prayers will be with you. And thank you so much for listening.

  5. Thank you for another nourishing episode. I laughed and cried. Your ministry here is blessing me each week and keeping me company while I mop and iron.

    1. Aw, thanks Lynn. That is so nice to hear, it really makes those chores a bit more do-able when you know you’ve got something good to listen to doesn’t it? Thanks so much for listening! 🙂

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