FoC 023: Making Big Life Changes with Dwija Borobia



We knew talking to one of our favorite bloggers, Dwija Borobia of House Unseen, Life Unscripted, was going to be a blast but we just couldn’t stop laughing in this episode!

Pour a cup of tea and enjoy the lovely Dwija share about her conversion, life as a homeschooling mama, having a large family, and the Borobia’s adventurous move from California to Michigan after buying a house on the internet, sight unseen. We also talk about making big, life changing transitions with lots of kids, faith, and hard work.

Things we mentioned today:

Cari Donaldson of Clan Donaldson, who just moved to a little homestead of her own.

Dwija’s remodel before and afters.

Haley’s recent post on first time motherhood.

To connect with Dwija:

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