FoC 026: Fountains of Carrots Answer Your Questions



We thought it would be fun to talk about what you want us to talk about, so we’re answering all your questions in this episode! We got a lot of questions about mommy-hood, like how we try to turn around a bad day, make it through the witching hour before dinner, and how to make mom friends. We also discuss how to get involved with your parish when you’re in the season of life of having only little kids and babies, as well as a bit about how to approach motherhood when you’re unsure if you’re ready.

We hope you’ll enjoy our sometimes rambling answers to the questions you asked, because we had a great time answering them!


Things mentioned in this episode:


Colleen Duggan’s post On Motherhood, Cultivating Our Own Interests, and Accepting Ourselves

Upcoming books for the next book swap  episode: Possession by A.S. Byatt  and Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis


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6 thoughts on “FoC 026: Fountains of Carrots Answer Your Questions”

  1. Great podcast, ladies! You always do such a great job. I have a question about the daily routine you two mentioned as it pertains to homeschooling. I do not homeschool since it is illegal in Germany but I would like to do more English-enrichment activites with my son who is a native English speaker but can’t read or write the language. What do you do with the other kids while you are working one-on-one with the child you are homeschooling? It is complete mayhem so I have stopped doing it so much.

    Also, the word “guilt” came up a few times as it relates to TV watching. Why do so many of us mamas feel guilty when we let our kids watch something? My kids watch Netflix thirty minutes or an hour per day, not much. Why do we feel guilty??

  2. I’m so glad I listened to this great episode, if only to hear that my 4-year-old son (my oldest and only boy) is not the only kid to do the strange rolling around on the floor thing! It drives me crazy to watch, but I will be more relaxed about it, knowing that he is not the only one!

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