FoC 027: Navigating Social Media as a Parent and a Blogger with Kendra Tierney




We are thrilled that we get to share this awesome episode featuring our friend Kendra Tierney. Kendra is the author of A Little Book About Confession for Children and the voice behind the wildly popular blog Catholic All Year. She is also homeschooling mom extraordinaire and is about to welcome her eighth baby to their home in sunny California!

We had a great conversation about how to use social media, avoid Instagram envy, respect our kids’ privacy, and protect our children from inappropriate content on the internet. Kendra also shared some great tips for aspiring bloggers!

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6 thoughts on “FoC 027: Navigating Social Media as a Parent and a Blogger with Kendra Tierney”

  1. I loved Kendra’s comments about families changing, and that life isn’t always as hard as it is when you have two or three little kids. I have found that so true in my life, and I often tell people that sort of thing when I get asked how I “do it”. I just had my fifth baby, and even though my oldest is only six, so I definitely still have only little kids, it is so much easier now that it was when I had three kids two and under. Even now, sometimes I look back and wonder how I did it then myself (even though it didn’t seem that hard in the moment – it seems harder now looking back than it did then!). My hardest transition was definitely having #2, and I wonder if so many families have only 1 or 2 kids because they think having more will be that much harder again, but it’s not, and I wish more people realized that!

  2. All of your comments about blogging were so encouraging. It’s tempting to get caught up in wanting to immediately be a big blogger or want to have someone else’s voice. I especially liked your comment about writing you blog about your own expertise. Super helpful.

  3. I so appreciated Kendra’s candor about internet “naked ladies” problems with her kids. We have already encountered that problem in our family, quite a bit earlier than expected, and I personally have found it a lonely and frightening place as a parent. Because I don’t want to mention it to my friends and have them freak out about my kid, and maybe not want him around their kids, or think we are horrible parents or something. Of course we all know it is “out there” but we don’t talk about it personally in our real families. I just appreciate so much knowing that I am not alone in trying to help my sons be holy and use the internet rightly.

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