FoC 031: Miracles and Motherhood with Mary Lenaburg Part 2




Today we’re back with the second part of Mary’s incredible story of her daughter Courtney’s life. Mary shares with us the details of Courtney’s final days on earth, complete with profound moments of grace. This is a beautiful testament of the power of faith and that death does not have the final word.

We hope that you are moved by Mary’s story. Please head over to Mary’s blog to read more about Courtney and if you feel so moved donate to helping pay down the Lenaburg’s medical bills with the Paypal button on the sidebar of Mary’s blog. We know that any amount you could give would be a huge blessing to Mary’s family.


St. Courtney, pray for us!

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5 thoughts on “FoC 031: Miracles and Motherhood with Mary Lenaburg Part 2”

  1. Oh, my heart is so full right now. I usually listen to your podcasts while I’m taking care of things around the house — so this afternoon found me scrubbing my bathtub with tears streaming down my cheeks. Courtney’s story is such a testament to God’s unfailing love and faithfulness, from the big things to the tiny details. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I got to hear Mary at a Women’s Conference yesterday, and her story touched me so much that I thought, “She’d be great for the Fountains of Carrots podcast.” And, of course, you guys already had her on. I’m sending this podcast to so many people!

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