FoC 051: Life in the Time of Grief and Twitter with Tommy Tighe



We’ve wanted to have Tommy Tighe on the show ever since Haley’s family met the Tighes on their road trip around the country last summer.

Tommy is a husband, father, and marriage and family therapist in the Bay area. He writes for and Aleteia and co-hosts the Catholic Hipster Podcast with Sarah Vabulas. He is also king of Catholic Twitter (did you even know there’s such a thing?). His Catholic hipster book will be published by Ave Maria Press Fall 2017.

We don’t remember an episode where we’ve laughed so hard as we did with Tommy. We cover Haley’s composting toilet, what the heck Canadians dip their french fries in, and the insanity of social media. But the conversation does get very serious when we discuss the death of Tommy’s newborn son, Luke, this past spring. Tommy was willing to share about the pain his family has been experiencing and how we all can do better to support families experiencing grief or crisis. He has some great wisdom to share about how to show up for your friends when they’re suffering and what to say and what not to say.

We loved talking with Tommy we think this episode is going to be helpful and inspiring. It’s a great episode, so grab some coffee and listen in!

Tommy’s article:  A Letter to the Lady Annoyed by my Kids at Mass

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