FoC 054: Finding the Face of Mary and the Saints with Kristyn Brown



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A few months ago, we happened upon Kristyn Brown’s amazing Saints Project when scrolling through Instagram and we were hooked. We knew we wanted to share her work with you and get a behind the scenes look at the project.

Kristyn is a wife, mama, and a photographer who was inspired to start photographing people to portray different saints. In this episode she shares the story of how the project began, how she chooses which saints to portray (as well as the faces to photograph), and how this creative project has brought her into closer friendships with the saints.

Part way through the interview, Christy realized that this episode would air on All Saints Day! We call that positively providential!

We loved talking to Kristyn about our favorite saints and how they’ve entered our lives and helped us in our journey of faith. We know you’ll love getting to know Kristyn (and the saints she brings to life in her photographs) in this episode, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

How to connect with Kristyn:


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3 thoughts on “FoC 054: Finding the Face of Mary and the Saints with Kristyn Brown”

  1. I love Kristyn’s photos and have had my eye on a couple for quite a while. I would love to see a coupon code for Kristyn’s Etsy shop for FoC’s listeners, especially with Christmas coming up 🙂

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