FoC 068: Choosing Real Self Care, Not Perfection with Kate Wicker


Our most frequently asked question we get from listeners is how do you practice self-care in your busy lives? And how do you find a balance in nourishing your body and soul to be fit for service to your family without diving into self-absorption? That’s exactly what we got to chat with Kate Wicker about!

Kate is a mom of many as well as a wife and writer living in Georgia. She used to be a frequent blogger (and Christy and Haley were avid readers) and is the author of Weightless and a new book from Ave Maria Press titled Getting Past Perfect: How to Find Joy and Grace in the Messiness of Motherhood.

We were so inspired by what Kate had to share about our primary identity being children of God rather than being mothers, finding time for self-care before we’re drowning, asking for help when we need it, and staying real about our struggles in our vocation. Grab some laundry to fold or a cup of tea and enjoy!

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Getting Past Perfect


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This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

4 thoughts on “FoC 068: Choosing Real Self Care, Not Perfection with Kate Wicker”

  1. Just listened on a long drive this morning! I love the ideas of how to find the time and how to pick what to do when talking care of myself, and to not do the dishes during “me” time! ? I struggle in this area so much.

  2. Oh my gosh, I laughed so much to hear about Kate’s son having a poo in the front garden. That’s so funny and exactly the kind of story that made me want kids. The reality of that kind of chaos is hard to take when you are an anxious perfectionist type, so thank you for this really uplifting podcast about hope beyond that angst.
    …And about not doing the dishes – my husband and I LOVED that idea!

  3. Y’all, listening to this podcast (and so many of your other episodes) IS my self-care! Thank you for this gift!!

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