FoC 069: The Crown vs. Victoria


When we were brainstorming topics for our “just us” episode, we remembered our undying love for British female monarchs. We made it the topic of this episode since there have been two great series recently about queens beginning their reigns and since we don’t turn down a chance to chat about a good costume drama! So we give you a conversation on The Crown streaming on Netflix and Victoria that recently aired on PBS.

We had a blast chatting about the these two great shows of queens navigating monarchy, Christy’s love for the British monarchy, a little bit of history, and our adoration for Dame Judi Dench. We really dived into the challenges of their unconventional lives and the toll on their marriages and their experiences of motherhood. So grab a basket of laundry and join us!

Links to what we talked about in this episode:

The Crown (available on Netflix)

The Man in the High Castle

Article about how Queen Elizabeth watches The Crown

The Young Victoria

The Queen

A Magnificent Obsession (book on Victoria and Albert Christy recommends)

Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown

Victoria & Abdul trailer

The White Queen

The King’s Speech

Our next book club read:

And don’t forget that we’ve picked Father Brown: The Essential Tales as our next Fountains of Carrots book club read, so grab a copy and get ready for a discussion episode in a few weeks!

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5 thoughts on “FoC 069: The Crown vs. Victoria”

  1. Loved this podcast about The Crown and Victoria.

    When y’all were talking about the queens and their husbands’ relationships and how they really loved each other. I thought that they do love each other. Question about their relationship, are they related somehow or did I misunderstand their genealogy?

  2. Loved this episode! It reminded me of when QEII made a state visit to Canada in 2002 for her Golden Jubilee when I was in high school. I’m not Canadian but I grew up close enough to the border to watch the televised appearances on CBC and it was wall-to-wall breathless coverage (which is definitely not what I was expecting) and I remember thinking, “Wow, Canada REALLY loves the Queen!” It took me a few more years to get it, but now I love her too 🙂 If you ladies are looking for a royal-adjacent biography, I highly recommend Daughter of Empire by Lady Pamela Hicks. Cheers!

  3. French Canadians are not fans of the monarch! This is a sad fact…being married to one, I must indulge my Anglophile passion very discreetly…

  4. Loved your conversation about these two shows! I wish I could have been in on the conversation. Jared Harris as the king! Yes!! Alex Jennings as the royal British uncle! However, I must take issue with Lithgow’s portrayal as Churchill. Check out The Gathering Storm with Albert Finney as Churchill and Vanessa Redgrave as Clemmie. (I named my dog Clemmie after watching it.) There’s another Churchill performance (Sirius Black!) coming up in Darkest Hour. I’m really hoping it can erase the Lithgow Churchill from my mind.

    Also, if you’re Rufus Sewell fans, you should watch Amazing Grace with him and Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s about William Wilberforce’s campaign to end the slave trade in England. A must watch!

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