FoC 072: Confronting the Poison of Pornography in our Relationships with Matt Fradd


For ages we’ve wanted to discuss the pornography epidemic on the podcast because it affects so many marriages and women’s lives. Even though pornography is a problem even for many in the Church, it’s a difficult topic to breach which can make those suffering from the effects of porn feel even more alone. We are so thrilled to have Matt Fradd joining us to discuss this weighty issue. Matt is a speaker, podcaster, and author of recently published book The Porn Myth as well as Restored: True Stories of Love and Trust After Porn co-authored by his wife, Cameron, of the Among the Lilies podcast.

This episode includes some heavy themes so it might be one to listen to with your headphones and not around kids. We delve into difficult questions like whether someone who is addicted to porn is capable of the sacrificial love marriage requires and what to do if you discover your spouse is addicted to porn. Matt has great insights and shares resources designed to help women who have been betrayed by a spouse’s use of pornography and the abuse that can accompany it. This is a hard topic to discuss, but we are excited to send this episode out into the world and hope it can help women who are hurting to know they are not alone and to find the help they need to heal and move forward from trauma. We’re so grateful Matt took the time to join us and share about this toxic problem.

Mentioned in this episode:

Restored: True Stories of Love and Trust After Porn by Matt and Cameron Fradd

Bloom for Women


The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography by Matt Fradd

Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal by Dr. Kevin Skinner

Treating Pornography Addiction by Dr. Kevin Skinner

What Can I Do About Me? by Rhyll Anne Croshaw


4 Signs Your Man Is Serious About Quitting Porn: Verily Magazine

God Hates Divorce. But God Doesn’t Hate Divorced People: Patty Breen for America Magazine

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2 thoughts on “FoC 072: Confronting the Poison of Pornography in our Relationships with Matt Fradd”

  1. Hi y’all,

    I’m one of those 5 male listeners you mentioned! I just wanted to recommend the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures by Kristen Jenson. There’s an older and younger version, I just read the younger one with my 5 year old son and it started some great conversations about porn and what to do if you see it. I knew the earlier the better as far as this conversation goes (since he’s only a couple years away from the average age of first exposure, as y’all said), but I wasn’t sure how detailed I should be, how to start the conversation, how to not freak him out, etc. It showed me how to broach the topic in an age-appropriate manner. My inner ex-fundie bristled when I saw Josh McDowell endorsed it…ignore that.

    Love the show, thanks for all y’all’s work.

    1. Thanks for listening, Brandon! I recently bought the older version of Good Pictures, Bad Pictures and have been reading through it with my 8yo and having great conversations. I think it is an awesome resource!

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