FoC 071: Grieving Suicide With Faith with Leticia Ochoa Adams

Leticia Ochoa Adams’s vulnerable writing about her son Anthony’s suicide convinced us that more discussion of mental illness and suicide in the Catholic community is needed. We are so honored that Leticia was willing to share her story and her wisdom about this tragedy in her family. Leticia is a writer, mom, and grandmother in central Texas and you can find her blog Through Broken Roses at the Catholic channel of Patheos. Her work can also be found in a new book edited by Patrick Madrid called Suprised by Life.

This episode includes some heavy themes so it might be one to listen to with your headphones and not with your kids. We get into some of the distorted attitudes Christians can have toward mental illness as well as the unique difficulties faced by families that have lost a loved one to suicide. Leticia shares with us about how her parish community has carried her family and walked with them in their grief (as well as reactions and attitudes that have been hurtful). We also briefly get into the issue of separating yourself or your family from toxic friends or family members when necessary.  We really hope this episode will be meaningful to many people and we’re so grateful to Leticia for talking to us about such a personal topic.

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Surprised by Life by Patrick Madrid

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