FoC 080: Life and Healing After Abortion with Beatrice Fedor

With March for Life happening just a couple of weeks ago, there’s been lots of excitement about the pro-life movement and many discussions about abortion in Christian circles.  One of these important discussions is the trauma women experience when they’ve been through an abortion. And yet many women who regret their abortions and need healing for what they’ve been through feel like they can’t talk about their experience–especially in religious circles. We’ve been really inspired by the story of Beatrice Fedor who bravely shares about the trauma of her experience with abortion and how she found healing when she discovered faith and sought help to process her grief.

Beatrice is a lovely French woman, Catholic convert, and pro-life advocate living in the American south with her husband and children. She vulnerably tells her story in this episode and offers beautiful insight and hope to other post-abortive women. Beatrice has great wisdom to share about resources that can help women heal from the trauma of their abortions.

This isn’t an easy topic and we openly discuss the horror of abortion and the pain of losing children through abortion, so this might be an episode to listen to when the kids aren’t in the room. But please know we tackled it thoughtfully and that the theme of this discussion is hope, forgiveness, and healing. If you have experienced abortion or want to be equipped to help a friend heal from trauma, we hope this episode will bless you and point you to resources that can offer hope and healing.

Books We Talked About in this Episode:

Forgiven and Set Free by Linda Cochran

Resources for Post-abortive women:

Rachel’s Vineyard

Sisters of Life Retreats

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Silent No More Awareness Campaign (Beatrice’s Story)

Connect with Beatrice:

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One thought on “FoC 080: Life and Healing After Abortion with Beatrice Fedor”

  1. Thank you so much for this. I had an abortion when I was 18, close to 20 years ago, and I am only now starting the healing process.

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