FoC 093: Becoming Saints in a Time of Crisis with Meg Hunter-Kilmer


Our summer break and Haley’s maternity leave is over! (And Baby Hildie is safely here after a wild arrival.) We have many great episodes planned for the fall but we wanted to first address the clerical abuse crisis in the Church. It’s a very difficult topic, so we knew we would need just the right person to discuss it with. Providentially, Meg Hunter-Kilmer was driving through Waco and gave an IN STUDIO interview (AKA Haley’s living room).

Meg is, in her words,  a “hobo missionary.” Trained in theology at Notre Dame, she travels all over the world as a Catholic speaker and evangelizer. She also podcasts and writes about the saints. In this conversation about the abuse crisis, we asked Meg about saints who lived during times of crisis in the Church and how we can emulate them in their commitment to speak difficult truths (even to the pope like St. Catherine of Siena did!) and their pursuit of holiness.

In today’s episode we discuss our responses to news about the crisis and ways to take action through practical means like letter writing and spiritual practices of prayer and fasting. We hope this episode will give you some hope in the midst of the heartbreak we are facing.

In this episode we talked about:

Meg’s previous podcast episode

The Siena Project

The homily Meg wrote: Please Don’t Leave Jesus

Letter to Pope Francis from Catholic Women

On the Catholic Clergy Abuse and What We Can Do: Blessed Is She

Sack Cloth and Ashes Prayer and Fasting Movement: Catholic All Year

What Can WE Do About the Abuse Crisis? (Haley’s Blog)

The Church, My Mother (Haley’s blog)

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