FoC 101: Pieper for the People; Real Festivity in a Hallmark World with Bo Bonner

It’s almost Christmas, one of the great festivals of Christianity, so in this episode we tackle festivity.  Haley just finished a book on the topic by the fabulous Catholic philosopher Josef Pieper and is now on a Pieper kick. When we were thinking about Pieper aficionados who could make philosophy a lot of fun to podcast about, we knew Bo Bonner was the man for the job and he did not disappoint!

Bo is a Catholic convert, father of four, and the Director of the Zita Institute as well as Director of Mission and Ministry at Mercy College of Health Sciences. He’s an instructor for the Faith Journey Catechetical Institute for the Diocese of Des Moines, and Co-Host of “The UnCommon Good” on Iowa Catholic Radio. He’s also hilarious and a blast to talk to.

In this episode we discuss how our culture fails in it’s celebrations of Christmas and what an authentic festival of Christmas would look like. We touch on everything from Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” to hot takes about ugly Christmas sweater parties. We tried not to say things that will offend anybody but we probably failed so our apologies in advance!

Christmas is on it’s way so grab a glass of egg nog and enjoy the episode.

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Things we talked about:

In Tune with the World by Josef Pieper

Leisure: The Basis of Culture by Josef Pieper

Divine Madness by Josef Pieper

Things we talked about:

This article about Christmas Festivity on Public Discourse

Hayes Carll song Jesus and Elvis

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2 thoughts on “FoC 101: Pieper for the People; Real Festivity in a Hallmark World with Bo Bonner”

  1. Hi Haley and Christie,
    I enjoyed the podcast, and this made me think of UK journalist Tom Hodgkinson’s writings about Christmas, such as this one:
    In France we never had to face puritanism to such a degree and never really had difficulty feasting with good food and good wine. But times are changing and we can very much feel the movement towards a more commercial Christmas and/or a despise of the festive nature of that time of the year.
    Clémence, a French listener who doesn’t have a Facebook account and therefore had to comment here…
    PS: my brother celebrated Christmas in Provence (south of France) where Mary comes into the church on an actual donkey at the beginning of the Midnight Mass, and I’m very jealous because we don’t have this tradition in the west part of France where I live.

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